Benjamin MT4/MT5

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Make Larger Trades Less Frequently
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Benjamin uses algorithms developed by a succesful, professional forex trader with 26 years of experience that worked with a hedge fund. Benjamin carefully plans entry and exit points and if there is an unexpected turn in the market, Benjamin employs A.I. to scan and to replan the trading course. Let the results speak for themselves regarding Benjamin’s success.


  • Average trade size
  • Average trade length
    Hours to a Day
  • Number of trades per month
    Low to Medium Low

We took all the risk and learned while using this powerful strategy and designed Benjamin to avoid the common pitfalls in manual trading. Put Benjamin to work for you today and experience some of these amazing benefits in your Forex account.

  • No complex trading strategies for you to learn
  • Trading can happen without your presence
  • Benjamin can cost average out bad trades you manually place
  • Saves you time, money and headaches
  • Works on both MT5 and MT4 platforms
  • Integrated A.I. technology that reviews news websites
  • Cost averaging technology decreases profit loss
  • Works best with accounts of $2,500-$10,000
  • Create templates and presets

Full control of a host of settings

  • Max spread
  • Minimum percent change
  • Profit points
  • Lot size
  • Chart period for cost averaging
  • Trailing stop
  • Maximum number of trades
  • Cost averaging technology
  • More

Click through some of our commonly asked questions about the Benjamin software and AI Global Markets in general. If you have further questions prior to purchasing feel free to send us an email at

Is forex trading experience required?
No, experienced or not, people are able to profit with the A.I. software.
Which platforms does the Benjamin run on?
There are two versions of the Benjamin, both for MT4 and MT5.
Which forex brokers can be used with the Benjamin?
The Benjamin works with most brokers offering MT4 or MT5 platforms.
Can I start with a demo account?
You can purchase a license to use the Benjamin with a 7-day money back guarantee. You can create the demo account with the forex broker of your choice and activate the Benjamin on the demo account to see how it performs.